How to write a product description that sells

How to write a product description that sells

November 20, 2018 admin 0Comment

Do you think that words alone can convince a reader to buy a product?

Yes, indeed they can if they are put together to form a product description which not only tells the features of the product but is written with an aim to sell the product.

The quality of a product description can make or break a sale. A well written product description is all about making the potential customer visualize, how owning the product will be a positive add on in his life.

The product description mainly consists of three areas that you need to cover effectively to make it impactful. These are-

  • The Title of your product.
  • The Images of your product
  • The actual description Of your product.


Let us begin with the things you need to keep in mind while writing the title of the product.

  • Keep your titles small Make sure your titles are not lengthy as they might confuse the reader and are also time consuming. They should not contain more than 50 characters i.e. 6-7 words.
  • Optimize your contentPeople land on your page using search engines.Thus, it is very important to optimize your product title for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the easiest way to attract new customers to your page, which is the very first step in convincing a person to buy your products. Insert as many keyword as possible but make sure it looks natural and not forced.
  • Avoid using buzzwords –People often want to use fancy words to sell how amazing their product is, which is absolutely fine, but the product title isn’t the place for this. Make sure you describe what the actual product is and save the marketing for other parts of your website.
  • Do not repeat titles- In case you have similar products in your store, make sure that you have different titles for them. Add details that sets them apart. These can be details like colour,size,weight or who it is meant for.

Once you have successfully created the title of your product, it’s time to give your customer a visual description of the product.


Product image is altogether more important than the complete written description. Thus, it is very important to perfectly place product pictures on your website. When you add images of your product keep the following things in mind

  • Maintain image quality- This is so because images appeal visually and if images are not of good quality the entire description fails to justify the value of the product. When shopping online, customers can’t hold the product and thus need pictures so that they can imagine what the product looks like.
  • Good visual appeal – The product image should be clear and make sure that after uploading the image it doesn’t get pix-elated i.e. blurred. Make sure to use light colored backgrounds preferably white. The image should be well lit and the colors should come out naturally. Use a mannequin or model for the display of products like clothes, accessories etc.
  • Don’t use misleading images- Make sure the product image does not include any object which is not included in the product prize. Also give an image for every angle of view of the product.
  • Large image size- The size of the image should be big.The image should also have zoom in features for clear and neat spectacle.


Now that you have added the images, it is time to convince the reader to click on the “Buy now” or “Add to cart” button. The purpose of the description is to supply customers with details around the features and benefits of the product so that they’re compelled to buy it. So, next time when you write the description of your product, keep the following things in mind.

  • Focus on the advantages and benefits of your product. Don’t just blandly describe the features of your product without justifying their use. Explain how a particular feature solves a relevant problem of the reader. List all the positive impacts that your product will have on the lifestyle of your customer.
  • Make your description scannable. Add bullet points, subheadings and use large font to ease readability. Don’t give all the features in one paragraph as it becomes monotonous and consumes more time. Readers usually avoid such descriptions.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Add relevant keywords to your description. Optimizing your content for search engines is very important as customers land on your page through search engines. Make sure to not stuff your descriptions with keyword as that becomes clearly visible and looks forced. Frame your sentence around the keyword and make its use look completely natural.

So, now you know that your product description in all should convince your customer that it will be a positive add on in his life. Once you successfully convince the customer about that, your sales are bound to grow.