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CRM Software to Manage your Offline and Online Business

Customer Management

Know your customers and reach out to them directly using personalized messages

Manage your customer's data from all sales channel through CRM for business

Campaign Management
Ecommerce Campaign

Plan and execute personalized marketing campaigns as per your customers profile

Easily track, monitor and prioritize opportunities by cross-selling and upselling through customer analytics and CRM solution for business


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM as it is known, refers to the relationship a brand builds with its customers and potential customers through all communication and interaction.

How does CRM work?

The GetMeAShop CRM system helps you by collecting all user contacts in one place so that they can come together like pieces in a puzzle to give you a truly unique and complete picture of who your customer is.

What does the CRM do?

  • Importing contacts you require
  • Listing registrations
  • Organising list of customers with their purchase history
  • Subscribed customers

How does CRM help?

The clearer the picture, the better it is for your business. When you have all the information about your customers and their preferences, it allows you to engage with your customer in a more meaningful way. You can now cater to their specific needs according to their preferences.

For instance, if a particular customer keeps viewing a product or adds it to wishlist but does not purchase it, you can send them a tempting offer that will push them to make the decision to buy. If your engaged and loyal customers have not been coming to your website as regularly as before, you can advertise to them products you know they would like so that they come back for a visit.

The Big Picture

Not only can you ensure that your customers have a great experience at your store, you can also make your business grow with CRM. You can divide your customers into segments based on their purchasing habits and create unique marketing for each segment.

You can tag your customers, add their birthdays and anniversary details, which allows you to send email wishes and special offers on those days if you wish.

Another great feature about GetMeAShop’s CRM is that we realise that online shopping is not a one-sided dialogue but a conversation. It allows you to collect feedback from the customers which gives you real and tangible thoughts of the people that use your products or services, and allows you to take this feedback into account and make your business better.

It's not hard anymore to manage customers from your online and offline stores.

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