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Selling on Facebook

Let shoppers find you through Facebook ads

Reach the masses with compelling ads and keep track of your advertising across devices. Measure the return on investment and increase conversions.

Reach the audience

Post relevant ads on Facebook and optimize your ads for people who matters to you.

Display your products

Create carousel ads showcasing your products and services or use dynamic ads to retarget your site visitors based on what they searched for.

Measure ads, track conversions

Use reporting and analytics to understand the revenue graph that resulted from your ads.

Facebook Marketplace

Add another sales channel with Facebook store

Expand your brand’s online presence by adding a Shop section tab to your page & sell your products directly from your Facebook marketplace.

Showcase and sell your products on Facebook with seamless one-click integration.

Upload Your Product Catalog

Showcase products and allow customers to buy right on Facebook. Any update made in your website will be reflected on the Facebook store.

Highlight Your Product Categorically

Organize your products based on different categories and highlight the best selling ones on your social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook.

Mobile-Friendly Shopping

Selling on Facebook turns easier with mobile friendly UI for the customers to easily browse through the products across all mobile devices.

Direct Checkout

Display your online store catalog directly on your Facebook page and let shoppers purchase without leaving Facebook.

Start Selling Directly on Facebook

With over a billion people now on Facebook, it has become a market place with the highest number of engaged customers for businesses to target. Facebook itself is definitely moving towards a more business friendly economy by allowing you to sell online on the platform. Did you know that you can directly sell from your Facebook page, without the customer ever having to leave the page, even for payment?

No? Well with GetMeAShop, you can. Read on to know how.

GetMeAShop turns your Facebook page into an on-demand catalog for your business.

Benefits of using Facebook Store

Interested Audience

Since the customers are on your actual page, it is safe to assume that they are interested in your offerings and are therefore browsing through them.

Personal Relationship

You can instantly connect with interested buyers and answer any queries or questions they might have through Facebook messenger itself.

Quick Set Up

There is no learning curve or training required to start selling on Facebook shop! Just upload and start selling.

Integrated For your Ease

The inventory and other details for Facebook are integrated with your Central Dashboard so that you don’t have to spend time or resources trying to reconcile your accounts or payments and invoices. With GetMeAShop you get all of the sales from your Facebook, along with any online or offline store details, all in one place.

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