Google Merchant Center

Every online shopper, at some point of time, has gone through Google for their product search and chances are that your brand was not there on the first search page even when you deal in the same product the shopper is searching for.

Google shopping is the perfect product ad to choose for your business and to reach the right people no matter which device they are searching from. Unlike the typically paid advertisements, Google shopping allows you to list items including product image, description and price on the search window.

How is Google shopping feature beneficial to grow my business online?

  • With your Google merchant center account, get in front of shoppers who are searching for similar products that you deal in, whether they’re shopping at home or on the go.
  • Get the detailed reports on clicks and tools for analyzing information about your audience and the changing consumer behavior.
  • With shopping campaign ads, you get more opportunity to sell your products online & increase the conversions.
  • These PLAs (Product Listing Ads) help products gain more visibility and display products on Google search featuring images, prices & special promotional offers.

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