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Complete Inventory Management

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The controlling, storage and overseeing of inventory is one of the most important aspects of running a business, whether you are selling your products online or at a retail store.

However, like most systems, it is very easy to make mistakes in inventory due to human error.

Manual management can lead to inefficiency and therefore, reduce profitability.

Certain goods might not be selling well and unless monitored, this leads to blocking of capital.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some products that are in high demand might sell out and you might lose customers because of this.

Inventory management cannot be a game of guessing and chance. These are all simple errors that can potentially cause great loss to the business. If you have faced any of these challenges, or want to completely avoid them in the future, read on to know about our platform that makes it all much easier for you.

Organizing your products

The first step to getting an inventory that functions smoothly is to set up and organise your products in a system of your own choosing. This does not mean only assigning a name and number to a product. Our inventory management system allows you to arrange your products by SKU, stock, and category- any way that makes sense in your business, So that you can showcase your products to the world- without any limitations.

Products with Variations

Very often in handling large inventories, businesses are faced with the problem on managing products that have a variations. For instance, t-shirts that are available in 10 colours, handbags available in 3 sizes or home décor available in 2 different materials. It can get tricky to manage them but GetMeAShop’s system allows you to manage them all from one place. Feel free to pick any number of colours, sizes or material options, giving each version a separate SKU number, title, price, images etc. so that you never get confused again and provide each consumer a seamless shopping experience. While this benefits your consumer, you can view them clustered together in your inventory so that you can analyse product sales accurately.

Tracking Stock

Imagine a scenario where the customer is shopping online and they purchase a bunch of products only for you to discover that you can’t deliver on some of them because they are Out of Stock! However well handled, such an experience is bound to leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth and they are unlikely to return to your website again. The quantities of the products need to be regularly monitored to ensure that there are no damages or loss happening.

Time updating of inventory is clearly important to ensure you maintain your customer base. The GetMeAShop inventory management system allows you to make the whole system mechanized so that you don’t have to manually keep feeding in the data- the system does it all by itself! You can seamlessly track products, set reminders to order new inventory, get notifications when stock are depleting and never face the embarrassment of disappointing a customer ever again.

Stock in Sync

If you’re selling through multiple channels it may become difficult to manage between online inventory and multiple offline inventories. Our inventory management system allows you to keep all your inventories in sync so that you can view and analyse all data from the same place.

All in all, it is very important to have a good Inventory Management system. It ensures that:

  1. You always have an accurate idea of how much stock you have.
  2. Avoid waste of time by inventory rechecks.
  3. Get customer satisfaction by providing them with the products of their choice consistently.
  4. Removing all errors that arise from human involvement.
  5. Be able to analyze how the products are doing and then adjusting supply basis that.

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