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Inventory Management

Manage orders in real-time to save time and effort, reduce costs and secure customer loyalty.

Order Management Software

Manage entire sales ecosystem of your business from one dashboard.

Online Order Management

Take complete control of your orders, shipments and delivery from your dashboard.

The direct extension of your brand where you can manage orders, monitor customers, maintain inventory and ship products worldwide.

Take orders from anywhere - your store, Facebook store, Mobile application, POS or marketplaces and manage them from a single dashboard

Order Management is the tracking of orders and management of the people and processes involved in the same.

Typically, this entire process has many components like:

  • Billing a customer for their purchases
  • Receiving and processing the payment
  • Updating the inventory
  • Shipping to the vendor that delivers the products to the customer
  • Back office functions like generating invoices, updating the ledger etc
  • Processing returns or cancellations

These are a lot of things to handle seamlessly.

So how does GetMeAShop help with this process?

Centralized Dashboard

On our order management system, all your orders appear in one single place. Whether the sale is made on the website, at a retail outlet or in any other way- the orders appear together on the dashboard to give you an easier way to handle and process all payments. Just like you get all the customer data in one place in the CRM platform, the order management does the same for your orders.

Automated generation of Bills

All invoices for the customers, bills and labels for shipping are automatically created on the back end so that you don’t need to manually fill in the details, thereby removing scope of error and saving you time.

Regular Notifications

The Order management system sends you a notification every time an order a placed, shipped, delivered, returned or filed for cancellation. On the inventory end, it also notifies you when you are running low on stock for a certain item so you can re-order and stock up on it in time.

Customer Analysis

By having all the order details in one place, along with the purchasing patterns, it becomes easy for you to analyze the kind of incentives you can give your customers to repurchase or retention. This includes options like creating sales or coupon codes and discounts to entice them.

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