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Point of Sale System (POS)

Manage business both offline and online. Accept payments through cash or cards anywhere and everywhere, at all times with POS management

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Seamless integration gears you up for success.

Automatically update inventory, orders and customer data as you accept payments on any device, at all times with POS inventory system

  • Manage inventory
  • Accept payments in cash, card and payment wallets
  • Apply customised discounts and manage taxes
  • Create and also scan QR Code / Barcode to find your product.
  • detailed view of your orders and download "Invoice PDF"
  • Multiple staff logins for a single store
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Real time offline and online inventory sync

Save your walk-in (offline) customer's data to the cloud

Send invoice to your customers via SMS and Email with a tap

Get offline orders on the go without internet on POS application

Reach maximum people, maximise your visibility and increase your business by being omnipresent on online and offline with us.

Point of Sale is the combination of people and machines that it takes to allow a customer to purchase products or services from a brick and mortar store.

With GetMeAShop, you can make all point of sales transactions smooth with our program.


With all the product details filled into the software, you can keep track of your inventory. You know which products you are running low on, which ones are not selling well etc.

Customer Behaviour

With a system that is digital, you can recognize customer buying behaviour such as, what timings the store is most active at, which days of the week most customers walk in and which modes of payment they use.

Payment Methods

GetMeAShop’s system allows you to integrate with multiple payment systems such as Card, cash and cheque so that no customers is turned away just because you don’t allow for their preferred mode of payment.

Counter Efficiency

You can give each employee separate login details. This allows you to measure the efficiency of each counter based on sales.

Centralised System

Since all the information appears on a centralized database, that also tracks the sales from other online and offline mediums, you always have an accurate idea of your inventory and customers. You can even compare channels to see which is working out better for you.


  • Customise your beautiful storefront
  • Mobile app for your store
  • Facebook Store
  • Marketing tools
  • Point-Of-Sale System
  • Inventory & Order Management
  • Customer Management Tools

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