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Why Offers & Promotions are important for my Web Store

You may have heard of the “Big Billion Day Sale” or the “Sabse Sasta Din” or “End of Season Sale”. Wonder why they have become part of our everyday conversation? This is because promotions work! They give the customers just that added incentive to click “Add to Cart” or pick up that product from the aisle and literally add to their cart.

Running promotions on your website might just be the thing that converts your website visitors to actual customers.

Who do promotions work for?

Engaged customers who already know about your offerings are more likely to respond to promotional offers. This is because they know about you and like your products. The promotion ends up offering them that gentle nudge to purchase by creating a sense of urgency in their minds.

How to pick what kind of promotion to use?

While it is easy to understand that promotions are very important to incentivize customers to buy, it is slightly more technical to figure out which promotions to go forward with.

GetMAShop offers various options for promotion that allow you to customize it to the specific needs of your business and customers.

You can choose:

  • The kind of promotion you want to run
  • Which platforms you want to run it on
  • For how long you want to run it
  • What conditions you want to subject it to (such as minimum order)

You also have complete control over the promotion and may modify any of these factors as per your needs. Check out the ease of creating coupons today. Sign up for a free 30 days trial.

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