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Catapult your Business through WhatsApp and Facebook

What is the most frustrating thing about being a small business owner? It’s the fact that most of our leads come in through word of mouth, or social endorsement as it is called. While it’s great that you’re getting new business this way, it becomes really hard to share your product, the details, to follow up and get payment through various sources like Facebook and WhatsApp.

SMEs do find themselves a customer base through WhatsApp- but it is an exhausting process of uploading pictures to individual customers, groups or as statuses and then replying to each query individually. For every product ordered, there are many steps in the middle- cross referencing the availability in the inventory, sharing bank details, awaiting transfer and then shipping the product! This is an incredibly complex process that then needs to be followed up by manual updation of the inventory and other steps, which can get demotivating after a while.

What if we told you there was a way to make this much simpler? Well, there is and it is called the BizManager. The App is seamlessly integrated with your WhatsApp and Facebook, allowing you to share the products from your store, without the hassle of leaving the app or having to endlessly copy and paste links everywhere! If this wasn’t enough, Bizmanager allows you to manage your inventory from your mobile phone!

In case you already have a website or a blog, but want to expand into selling as well, simple add the line of code to your blog and voila! You will be able to sell your products and accept payments directly from there itself.

With almost 90% users having Facebook on their phones and with an average of checking their account 14 times a day, it is surely not only a convenient but a smart way to sell your products. So say goodbye to troublesome and time consuming sales and say hello to a quick easy way to get to the top of the game.

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