WhatsApp Selling

What is the best way of selling, if not through an App that an average person opens over 20 times a day?

WhatsApp is a social messaging application that allows it’s users to send free messages, make calls and video calls. If offers the benefit of only contacting people who have shared their phone numbers with you and getting into their inbox. There is no danger of the message being lost in a spam folder or in the “Other” section of the DMs.

Easy Selling

Once you get a business number, you can start selling to people you know, on WhatsApp. This will help you get a fair idea of what kind of messaging leads to sales. Keep expanding this database as you get new customers.

Direct Payments

Will GetMeAShop, you do not need to worry about redirecting potential clients to websites or a separate payment gateways. Using WhatsApp, the customer can directly make a bank transfer payment to you, without even having to leave the App!

One Click Shipping

For shipping, GetMeAShop has a list of service providers that you can tie up with. They will collect the package from your house and deliver it as required.

Centralised Dashboard

Apart from making selling (and buying) on WhatsApp easier, GetMeAShop also displays all of this information on your dashboard, along with any other online or offline selling you may do. This helps you keep track of your inventory, your customers and their buying habits.

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