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Reach out to the world with your own brand at a cost that doesn’t hurt. GetMeAShop provides you with the right resources to create your own e-commerce store and run it smoothly.

  • Customise your storefront in your own way
  • Mobile application replicating your store experience
  • Store on Facebook? No problem at all!
  • Marketing tools
  • Point-Of-Sale System
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Customer Management Tools

Get your online store now!

Get the right digital resources to strengthen your brand’s online presence

  • seo
    Get the SEO friendly, modern - looking & customizable website with advanced tools
  • store
    Sell your products to local & global customers
  • dashboard
    Manage the entire ecosystem of your store & ensure that order processing functions in unison
  • analytics
    Get detailed analytics on user behaviour & purchases from different devices & location
  • payment
    Accept payments across the globe by integrating the varied payment gateways

Customise your storefront in your own way

With over 100 themes, beautifying your storefront is no more a task. You visualise it and we would have it.

Mobile application replicating your store experience

What does your consumer always use? Yes, his mobile phone..Set up your store's mobile application for Android/iOS instantly and always have your store accessible. No more worrying about sending order notifications & updates to your users anymore.

Store on Facebook? No problem at all!

You can now reach the whoever you want to through your Facebook store. Auto-sync inventory, orders and customer's data with your website. Display your online store catalogue directly on your Facebook page and let shoppers purchase without leaving Facebook.

Marketing tools

Integrate all your social media platforms and blog to your site in just a few clicks. Auto schedule tweets, posts & send bulk SMS & email and reach out to relevant customers. In built on-page SEO will help your site rank better. Who thought even marketing could be automated?

Point-Of-Sale System

Sell both offline and online and yet have your data in one place and avoid chaos. Send invoice via SMS and Email just within no time to your consumers.

Inventory and Order Management

Take orders from anywhere - your store, Facebook store, Mobile application, POS or marketplaces and manage them from a single dashboard. Manage orders in real-time and take control of your orders, shipments and delivery from your dashboard to save time and effort, reduce costs and secure customer loyalty.

Customer Management Tools

Know your customers and reach out to them directly using personalized messages. Manage your customer's data from all sales channel at one place. Plan and execute personalized marketing campaigns as per your customers profile and easily track, monitor and prioritize opportunities by cross-selling and upselling through customer analytics.

Your Brand. Your Sales. Your Profits. Our Technology.

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Get your online store now!