Pushkal Srivastava
Founder and CEO

Work hard party harder!


Vatsal Juneja

Vatsal is a Mathematics and Computing postgraduate from IIT(BHU) and a startup enthusiast. He started working on front-end, and with time learned back-end and mobile applications development. Currently, he oversees all the developments on the technical front, coding new and exciting features. During his free time he likes to play guitar, think of good(or bad) puns and cook.


Kumar Vimal
BackEnd Engineer

Vimalwa is a Computer Science Engineering graduate from Cochin University of Science and Technology. At GetMeAshop he overlook Backend Development. Currently he is trying to rejuvenating his old hobby of reading books and gardening and perusing new hobby of Cycling. Cant catch him on weekends!!


Naveen Kumar
Mobile Application Developer

Nikka is a postgraduate from IIT-BHU 2015. He currently leads the mobile development front of GetMeAShop. Active enthusiast to work on challenging technologies. His slogan says “More you code more you learn”. Love playing cricket, badminton and volleyball. Fan of old classics and can add cooking in hobbies.


Reddy Sreekanth
Front End Developer

Srikanth a graduate from IIT-BHU 2015. Handling complete FrontEnd Development. He thrives on creating interactive and intuitive digital experiences. When he’s not in the zone coding, you can find him dancing, hanging out.


Vineet Gahloth
Sr. UI UX Designer

Vineet is a senior UI UX designer, with 15 years experience in his field. He says only a pleasent and happy mind can do wonders.